Events To Do in Durham

Wool E Bull the Durham Bulls Mascot

Summer is winding down but there are still some great things to do in Durham.  The weather is beautiful so to inspire you to get out and do stuff I made a list of events for you

Durham Bulls Game

August is the last full month of the Durham Bulls baseball games.  This is a Durham family freindly tradition.  It’s inexpensive and this time of year there are beautiful sunsets in the evening.

Just check Instagram.  Folks are always posting picks of the night sky as it transitions and you can see the ball field with pinks and purples in the sky above.

If you haven’t been to a game this season, get out there now.  The season ends at the beginning of September, which is right around the corner.  Pick a date, and go to a game now, before it’s too late.

American Tobacco Trail

The American Tobacco Trail is awesome.  It is a an old train track that was never used, so it was converted to bike/walk path.

The stretch of trail that is in Durham has been paved.  It’s wide enough for two lanes of traffic, which is great because on nice days, the Tobacco trail has a lot of travelers.  Especially if it’s a nice day on the weekend.

While the Durham section of the trail is paved, the trail extends in to Cary, NC where the pavement stops and turns to gravel.  So, if you are on a road bike, you’ll want to turnaround at that point.  The Durham part of the trail extends all the way into downtown Durham and terminates right at the entrance to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

The Tobacco Trail is great for walking, running, and biking, but motorized vehicles are not allowed on this path.  It crosses through mostly wooded area which is beautiful and relaxing, although it does cross some urban areas by downtown Durham, Southpoint Mall, and the bridge that crosses over Interstate 40 (pictured above).

Now is the perfect time to use the Trail.  So get out there!

Disc Golf in Durham

There are many different disc golf courses to choose from in the Bull City.  We’re lucky like that!  Disc golf is great and it’s free and it gets you outside and moving.  While there are many different courses to choose from, I like the course at the Cornwallis Road Park.

Disc Golf courses can range anywhere from nine to eighteen to twenty-seven hole courses, although most courses are eighteen holes, just like a standard golf course.

One of the many great things about disc golf is that you can play a few holes, and if you are pressed for time, just leave.  You can also just play again if you have plenty of time.

One important thing to remember about playing disc golf in Durham in the summertime is… mosquitoes!  If you decide to play in the evening, be prepared for mosquitoes.  Bring some repellent with you, your friends are going to want some as well.  Or you can try to play earlier in the day, that way the mosquitoes aren’t quite as active.

So there you have it.  Summer is winding down but the weather is still great.  Just get out there and get movin’ and enjoy the last days of this great season.

And bring some mosquito repellent.




Lessons To Learn About Tooth Decay From a Local Dentist

To prevent tooth decay, good dental hygiene is required.  Taking care of your teeth and gums needs to be a habit you do every day.  Start slacking in any area, and any dental problems you have lead to tooth decay. We often think of this in more glamorous terms for image sake, but consider the fact that our bodies are always decaying. Bodily maintenance in all forms is essential, and dental hygiene and health is indeed a priority. Here are some tips to go on as you keep those choppers in good health.

You always hear the age-old advice about brushing and flossing. It is essential to pay attention to why you need to do those things. If you don’t clear your mouth of food particles and bacteria, then you are inviting tooth decay. All dental issues can lead to cavities, and that is where the problems can begin.

You also have to watch out for gum disease. Gum disease can cause plaque to build up at an even faster pace. Plaque can turn to tartar, and that tartar can start to contribute to tooth decay. Once a tooth gets past a certain point, not even the most expensive dental procedure can save it. It must be yanked and replaced.

Dental work can cost a lot of money. And there is the fact that experts say dental health has to do with your overall health, too. Cavities can be filled. Gum disease can be stopped and even prevented. Dental problems that are let go, however, can start to pile up and cause you problems. When that happens, tooth decay can get out of control.

You don’t want to lose your teeth if you can prevent it from happening. Some people have problems with their teeth more than others. Smokers often fall into that group. Smoking can cause significant dental issues. If you’re a smoker, quitting can start to turn things around for you.

You can’t turn back the clock, but now is always a good time to start taking better care of your teeth. Visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and making sure that you get dental work was done that is required will help prevent your teeth from decaying, too. If you have any teeth that are starting to deteriorate, it is essential to get them evaluated.

You may need to have a tooth pulled, or you may have gotten to the tooth in time. Then there are your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often removed at some point in time. And boy can they cause people problems, coming in sideways and perhaps even jumping up and down. In all seriousness, wisdom teeth cause people issues in more ways than one.

They are in the back of your mouth, and they are often in an odd position. That makes it difficult to keep them clean. You might think you are doing a good job, and then they are the first to go. They can teach you lessons about tooth decay that you don’t even want to know. So keep those choppers in good shape.

We’d like to thank Dr. Schlotterer of Digital Dentistry at Southpoint in Durham, NC located just near the intersection of Fayetteville Road and Highway 54, for answering questions we had while writing this article.  He was generous with his time and has a very nice dental practice.  If you need to visit a dentist you should schedule an appointment with him.

What Makes Durham North Carolina Special?

Why is Durham such a great place?  Most folks would start off with a traditional answer like, the Durham Bulls!

Some of our favorite shots from last night’s #BullDurham30 celebration.

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And they’re not wrong.  The Durham Bulls are awesome.  If you’re in Durham from the months of April through September then you owe it to yourself to check out a Durham Bulls game.  They are fun and relaxing and historic.

There is a reason a big time Hollywood movie was made about the Durham Bulls.  Go watch a game today.

The second most popular answer that makes Durham special is probably going to be the Duke Blue Devils.  Specifically it will be the Duke Blue Devils Mens Basketball team.

And it makes sense.  Duke Mens Basketball is super popular because it is one of the most successful collegiate basketball teams of all time.  The Blue Devils bring tons of money and prestige to Durham.

But that is not all Durham is known for.  Durham is also known as the City of Medicine.  This is because Durham is home to Duke hospital also known as Duke Health.

Duke Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the entire world.  This facility attracts the best and brightest in the medical field.  And folks seeking treatment from all over the world come to Durham to get help at Duke.

These are just a few of the things that make Durham, NC so special.  Please check back as we will post about other individuals, and local businesses that make Durham an awesome place to be.