Local Organization Spotlight: Durham System of Care

Durham Faithweb

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Durham Faith Web’s purpose is to help individuals, children and families in Durham who are at risk for experiencing major problems at home, school, and in our community. It is a message board created by the faith-based subcommittee of the Durham Community Collaborative. It exists so that individuals, children and families in Durham can post their needs.

Partners on the Durham faith Web Faith Partner – This connects you with some of the neediest people in Durham County.

Front Line Workers – These are the professionals in our community who are working directly with individuals, children and families using the System of Care Principles and Values. Front line-workers include mental health, case managers, therapists, school social workers, court counselors, health department nurses, and department of social services workers.

People of Faith – These are the people in the community that may have the resources to meet the needs of an individual, child or family by making donations of tangible items including but not limited to musical instruments, household items, clothes, or helping make connections to others that may be able to meet the needs posted on the Durham Faith Web.

Monitor – These are the volunteers that will track the needs and resources on the Durham Faith Web. They will assist in the coordination the need with the donated resources.

Steering Committee Members – Are a group of individuals that assist in monitoring the postings and all transactions to ensure resources are getting to the needy children and families.

How To Become A Durham Faith Web Partner

1. Register at http:/ /durhamfaithweb.boards .com/
and become a member. We ask that your user name not be your full name – only your first name and last initial.

2. Log on to http:// durhamfaithweb.boards .com/ and view postings to keep up with the needs posted there. If you read a posting and feel called to respond to a need, simply use the “reply” button and write that you want to meet this need or some part of the need. Needs can be met by individuals or groups. All it takes is a commitment to our community.

3. Once you reply to a need, A Durham Faith Web Monitor will send you an email that will only be seen by you – not the public. The monitor will give you his/her personal email for you to respond to so that arrangements can be made for the resource and the need to come together.

4. The Monitor will make appropriate arrangements with you in a manner that you are comfortable with. Also, you can trust that a professional in our community, a member of the Community Collaborative, posted the need and that your gift will strengthen an individual, child and/or his/her family and could make all the difference in their journey toward success at home, school and in our community.

5. All front line workers who are members of the Durham County Community Collaborative who want to post needs for their clients have to sign the Front Line Workers Statement of Agreement before posting a need. Please provide a copy of your signed agreement to System of Care Support Staff. After you have read and agree to the terms on this statement of agreement then mail to: Durham County System of Care, C/O Andrew Foley, 501 Bullard Street, Durham, NC 27701 or Fax: 919-480-7540.