Durham, North Carolina is growing massively

Durham, North Carolina is experiencing tremendous growth. The area already had a lot going for it in terms of reasonable prices for the cost of living, and in general an agreeable place to be.

Then the crazy bullshit of 2020 happened. And this was like rocket fuel for Durham’s growth, especially in terms of new people and families moving to Durham.

Now, this isn’t exclusive to just Durham, this is a trend for the whole Raleigh Durham suburban metro-plex sprawl area. Raleigh is on fire as well with less than 5,000 homes on the market, which is the lowest number of available homes in 30 years, and maybe ever.

This middle sweet spot of North Carolina was already on an uptrend thanks to a decent economic climate and super cheap and easy to get money for home mortgages.

Then the shit storm of craziness that is 2020 happened, and everything accelerated. The covid panic happened in the beginning of the year and everyone got scared. Then it became clear that it wasn’t a big deal, like catching a cold, but by that time, the local government had realized how much fun it was for them to illegally harass local population and to close businesses.

Then the bullshit of Black Lives Matter, the Marxist insurrection occurred in the country and many large urban areas got burnt down because of riots. This helped the Raleigh Durham, North Carolina area because we had minimal rioting.

Unfortunately the government in this area is just as bad as all government and they welcome and promote the violent anarchy of the Black Live Matter riots and the Antifa criminals.

But the fact remains that Durham is still less violent than the big cities. And interest rates hit all time lows. It costs practically nothing to borrow money so that means your monthly mortgage payment will be cheaper.

In addition there are a shit ton of people in big cities that have had enough of that shit and they are moving out. Many look at Durham as an ideal place to locate.

So you have a bunch of different factors that all lead to massive upward trajectory of the city of Durham. Now the government here is just as corrupt, criminal, and incompetent as every other government and will do their best to loot the local population and promote Black Live Matter violence, but it’s still not as bad here as in other parts of the country.

It is important to know, that the government is a bunch of criminals in RDU. They are pushing a bullshit agenda to wear masks to “stay safe” from the virus. They are all liars and criminals, and forcing people to wear masks is a criminal offense committed by the government.

Like everywhere else in the country the local politicians promote fear and lie about the sniffles. What is so crazy is that the government are all a bunch of criminals, they know nothing about viruses or being healthy, yet for some reason people look up to the government as if they were knowledgeable and intelligent.

That’s why the scam is as old as history. Government is a bunch of criminals, yet people think the government can save them, and get confused when the government robs them.

Anyone that tells you to “stay safe” is either a criminal or exceptionally dumb.

Durham is a pretty nice place to live, but the whole country is infected with stupid thinking and worship of the government. Durham is no exception to this rule.