What Makes Durham North Carolina Special?

Why is Durham such a great place?  Most folks would start off with a traditional answer like, the Durham Bulls!

Some of our favorite shots from last night’s #BullDurham30 celebration.

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And they’re not wrong.  The Durham Bulls are awesome.  If you’re in Durham from the months of April through September then you owe it to yourself to check out a Durham Bulls game.  They are fun and relaxing and historic.

There is a reason a big time Hollywood movie was made about the Durham Bulls.  Go watch a game today.

The second most popular answer that makes Durham special is probably going to be the Duke Blue Devils.  Specifically it will be the Duke Blue Devils Mens Basketball team.

And it makes sense.  Duke Mens Basketball is super popular because it is one of the most successful collegiate basketball teams of all time.  The Blue Devils bring tons of money and prestige to Durham.

But that is not all Durham is known for.  Durham is also known as the City of Medicine.  This is because Durham is home to Duke hospital also known as Duke Health.

Duke Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the entire world.  This facility attracts the best and brightest in the medical field.  And folks seeking treatment from all over the world come to Durham to get help at Duke.

These are just a few of the things that make Durham, NC so special.  Please check back as we will post about other individuals, and local businesses that make Durham an awesome place to be.